Over the past 20 years we've come across many wonderful alternative or holistic professionals. "Holistic" refers to addressing the whole person, including their physical, mental, and emotional health, while taking social factors into consideration. "Holistic medicine" tries to treat the "whole person" rather than focusing too narrowly on single symptoms. We use Young Living products to reduce the toxic load on our bodies and flood them with nutrients so that they can do what they were designed to do which is heal themselves! The professionals listed below are trusted by us and referred to our friends & family. They are all part of our WELLNESS team and I wanted to share their contact information with you. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or need help finding something similar wherever you live. I'd be happy to help!


Itasca Naturopathic CLINIC

Scott and I have been going to Dr. Oppitz for years. She is our primary care provider.

She has an office in Park Rapids, MN. I refer friends and family to her all the time. She also does long distance VIRTUAL consultations so if you don't live near us, she can still help you.

We get comprehensive bloodwork done (equivalent to what is done at an Executive Level physical at Mayo at a fraction of the cost). She then recommends the Young Living supplements & oils based on our blood test results! (So handy!!!)

When I had Lyme Disease I consulted with Dr. Oppitz first to get my Young Living supplements & oils ramped up, she added another probiotic since antibiotics are so harmful to our gut health and I also consulted with Linda Nitschke & Dr. Kaubisch. 

Itasca Naturopathic Clinic serves northwestern Minnesota and is the only clinic in the region with a practitioner who is registered as a Naturopathic Doctor by the state of Minnesota under the naturopathic registration bill which took affect the early part of 2010.

Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes and utilizes the body's inherent ability to protect and repair itself. 

At Itasca Naturopathic Clinic, we help you support these mechanisms using the latest in diagnostic testing supported by time-tested non-invasive treatment methods.  Nutrition and lifestyle changes are emphasized to treat the whole person not just the symptoms of an underlying illness or disease.

Naturopathy is not "alternative" medicine, but truly integrative medicine providing a comprehensive approach to the best of traditional and conventional medicine. 

NDs welcome and encourage people to become educated and involved in their healthcare decisions because knowledgeable patients are more successful in attaining their health goals.



DR. Jason Dixon, D.C.


Dr. Dixon is our equine chiropractor and is a great human chiropractor as well! He and his family have created a healing home using Young Living and recommend it in their clinic.

Dr. Dixon truly believes the simple most important aspect of being a doctor is to take the time to listen and provide care in a non-judgement environment. Every human being is different and unique; Dr. Dixon takes pride in allowing time to research your personal condition. He will do whatever it takes to design a treatment plan which will provide you the best care. Once your condition has been identified, he will make sure you have been pointed in the right direction—even if that means referring you to someone more qualified to your particular health needs. He refuses to employ a standard cookie-cutter approach to every patient to walk through the door. “I do not want to be the hammer who thinks everything is a nail however, I do want to be the hammer that is the best at hitting that nail”

By taking an integrative approach and working with other health professionals, Dr. Dixon improves patient health care outcomes. He continuously works with neuro-optometrists, physical therapists, naturopaths, massage therapists, medical doctors and even other chiropractors if their approach is better suited for your condition.

Dr. Dixon is primarily a Gonstead focused chiropractic doctor. The Gonstead technique is an extremely specific technique, focused on the structural relationship of the spine and nervous system and how that connects to overall effect on health. If you do not care to have manual adjustments, Dr. Dixon is also certified in Activator protocol. He is extremely knowledgeable in muscle therapy and rehabilitation and has received past certifications in Active Release Technique. Better chiropractic results can and will be achieved from continued education within spinal biomechanics and neurology based diplomates, so he is actively working towards earning these diplomates through the Gonstead Methodology Institute and Carrick Institute of Neurology. This increased knowledge base will ultimately help him to better serve the Bemidji community and surrounding areas.

He also believes in personal choice when it comes to your health care, and strives to provide care the way health care should be given. You are the consumer. You advocate the care you want, and whom you want to receive it. Insurance companies are not your doctor nor should they dictate personal health care decisions. You are in charge of your health, take it back.

Call to arrange a consultation today, we can help explain how chiropractors produce results the natural way without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Dixon & his family reside in Bemidji, MN.

DR. gus kaubisch, D.C.


World renowned Lyme specialist.

Scott and I both see Dr. Kaubisch for biofeedback scans. If you've never done this - it is incredible to find out what you may have in your body that you weren't aware of!

He then uses homeopathic drops to clear whatever doesn't belong.

When I had Lyme Disease, it took 3 months to get into Dr. Kaubisch (can take up to 6 months) so I had Dr. Oppitz & Linda Nitschke help me and then went to Dr. Kaubisch to make sure everything was cleared up. 

  • Address: 207 6th Street S Walker, MN 56484
  • Phone: (218) 547-1775

DR. Mari schwartz, D.C.

miracles health care center

We've been going to to Dr. Mari for many years. I used to have to go to the chiropractor every week or bi-weekly. After going to Dr. Mari, adding Young Living supplements, etc. I can go monthly and feel good the whole month!

She uses and recommends Young Living in her clinic.

Miracles Health Care Center was inspired by my holistic belief system which demands health care dedicated to addressing the body as a whole unit....NOT... chasing symptoms, but finding the hidden underlying causes.

I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College and have been practicing  for over 20 years.
Increase the quality of  life over your years & increase the quantity of years over your life. 


Dr. Mari has her practice in Clearbrook, MN. She offers an hour long adjustment which includes massage.

She also offers the Raindrop Technique!

I love getting an hour long adjustment followed by an hour long Raindrop!


April larson

soma yoga & massage|studio One

April is Scott's cousin. We started going to her years ago for massages & Raindrop Technique. I've even asked her to come to our house when I host girls weekends to give us all massages outside under the pergola!

She's been a Young Living member for around 20 years?!

Studio One provides a varity of classes and healing therapies, including:

Gentle movements that work with retraining the neuromuscular system. Work to release chronic pain and tension.

Therapeutic Yoga:
Emphasizes the balance of mobility and strength and incorporates breath awareness; held postures and exploring our edges; core stability and a balanced body in postures

Therapeutic Massage:
Relaxation along with gaining flexibility and body feeling. Great for people recovering from injuries

Swedish Massage:
Ease tension and feel the relaxation

Incorporation of every alternative healing practice, Reiki helps heal the body, mind, and spirit

Raindrop Technique:
Combines unique, targeted massage with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience.


Linda nitschke

Genesis total care ultra

Linda is a Young Living member and is very knowledgeable about many other holistic modalities.

We go to her for her biofeedback machine to check food sensitivities, etc. I went to her when I had Lyme Disease and she was an extremely important piece of my wellness team for that. (Dr. Oppitz, Linda, Dr. Kaubisch)

Lyme Disease, Homeopathics, Massage, Young Living, Raindrop Technique, Qest4, Rifing, Salt Machine, Halo Therapy, BioCharger, etc.

Owned and operated by: Linda Nitschke C.N.C., M.S.A., L.M.T., Lymphatic Decongestive Tech

  • Address: 7002 Bemidji Ave. N Bemidji, MN 56601
  • Phone: 701-269-5206
  • https://www.facebook.com/GenesisTotalCare/


Lori novak


A couple years ago, Dr. Oppitz referred me, my mom and sister to Thermography of Wisconsin for a safe alternative to mammograms.

We go in annually and really love having this option that has no harmful side effects.

Address: She is located in WI but we see her in Park Rapids at Dr. Oppitz's office.

She may travel to your area or know someone who does!


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