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The Healing Barn Curriculum
Get access to videos, printable guides, checklists and more to help you take action to create your own Healing Barn.

When you join The Healing Barn Movement, you'll get the complete blueprint to create your own Healing Barn, including step-by-step training, videos, worksheets, checklists and more. Giving your horse the best care it deserves doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Get back to the basics and save time AND money! 
The Healing Barn Community
Get exclusive access to like-minded horse owners & equine pros
When you join our community, you'll get instant access to a brain trust of like-minded horse owners and holistic equine professionals: veterinarians, chiropractors, osteopaths, barefoot trimmers, Masterson Method practitioners and more! Get support, get ideas, network, and make new friends while doing better for your herd. 
Holistic Deep-Dives 
Dozens of Hours of Expert Interviews with Equine Pros
With an ever-growing roster of experts and topics, you'll find a constantly-expanding resource that'll help you grow and improve your own Healing Barn. Topics like Equine Chiropractic, Natural Horsemanship, Barefoot Trimming, Equine Osteopathy, Aromatherapy, Masterson Method and so much more will be covered in-depth by expert practitioners and members of The Healing Barn Movement Community.

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Case Studies 
Get the answers you need with real-life case studies
Just like no two humans are alike, every horse is different. Gain deeper insights into how you can support your whole herd with real stories from my own barn and from experts and members of The Healing Barn Movement Community. Use this information to help you make better decisions for the health of your herd! Save yourself countless hours and dollars by being informed by others like you!
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Watch the video below to learn why I started The Healing Barn Movement:

Megan Gesell, founder of The Healing Barn Movement
"90-95% of cancer cases are caused by what we put ON or IN our bodies. It's what we allow in our homes." 
- Sarah Harnisch
Megan, founder of The Healing Barn Movement

I've been on a natural health journey for over 20 years. We live in one of the sickest countries on Earth and spend the most money on healthcare & prescription drugs. Something is wrong with how the majority of people take care of themselves. I made a conscious decision to spend my money on HEALTH care vs SICK care. We created a 'healing home' which basically means we stopped giving our money to companies that were knowingly poisoning us.

We need to get rid of toxic products that are KNOWN to cause disease! We can do ALL.THE.THINGS right but if we're poisoning ourselves & our horses on a daily basis that will negate all the good we are trying to do.

As horse owners, we typically take better care of our horses than we do ourselves. 

We spend more money on their feed than we do on groceries, more money on "magic" supplements than we do for ourselves & more money on equine dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists & bodyworkers than we do for ourselves. 

Does this resonate with you at all?

I feel like we get caught up in clever marketing campaigns advertising a magic treatment or supplement that in most cases is just covering up symptoms, has harmful ingredients which can lead to more disease down the road. This also doesn't get to the root of the problem to allow our horses bodies to do what they were designed to do which is HEAL THEMSELVES.

I used to buy all the hot new products, expensive feeds & supplements, but honestly...I didn't notice results.

Then I learned that what I was giving my horses was most likely doing more harm than good and it was EXPENSIVE!

Learn the steps I followed and the products I swear by in the Healing Barn Movement Curriculum. 


Could your barn management program be contributing to disease? 

Ours was. 
I had no idea that I was doing more harm than good for my herd!
After one of our horses had a terrible allergic reaction to a drug prescribed by our local vet, the light bulb turned on and I realized I needed to create a healing barn for them and STOP using feed & products that may be doing more harm than good.

I needed to take better care of them. Do my due diligence about what I was feeding, spraying & slathering on them. 

The horse industry standard seems to be comparable to our human healthcare standard which is severely lacking! I wanted to allow our horses to thrive, not just survive.

As a result, we've saved money & saved countless horse lives. 

Literally just by making better buying decisions.

Let's get started on your journey to creating a Healing Barn for your herd. 

Why wouldn't the same logic apply to our barn & our horses health?
They deserve better.
"It is your responsibility to be responsible for yourself. It is your God-given right to search, read, study, and decide how you will feed and take care of your own body. Be independent and be wise."
- Mary Young

I remember feeling like I was powerless when my horses needed veterinary care. The vet would make recommendations and even though in my gut something felt wrong, who was I to question them? They are the expert, right? What if I didn't do what they said and something bad happened?

I am now EMPOWERED to make health care decisions for my horse!

YOU are the expert on your horse – not your vet. Don’t give them all the power. Same with any horse professional you consult with. They work for YOU. I may use a vet to get a diagnosis and listen to their recommendations. I may follow some of their advice but in most cases I put together a treatment plan on my own using safe options with zero side effects & let me tell you - I have had incredible results.

Learn how to get my results and create your own Healing Barn!

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