Barefoot is Better - the Benefits of Going Shoeless
Join Dr. Barbara Fox (holistic veterinarian) and Megan Gesell (founder of the Healing Barn Movement) to discuss "Barefoot is Better - the Benefits of Going Shoeless"

Since most people start serious trail riding /competition in June, this is a great time to discuss healthy hoof care!

What we'll cover:

* why horses' feet often suffer from shoes
* myths vs. facts about shoeing as an acceptable way of protecting horses' hooves
* the physiologic effects of movement when shoes are applied
* common "mistakes" farriers often make when trimming and shoeing
* the role of supplementation and essential oils in keeping hooves healthy
* how to protect a horse's foot when it is not comfortable 

Bring your questions - we'll have time for a great Q & A session!

You must be a member of the Healing Barn Movement to participate in this call and get access to recording. 

Megan will send out an email to all members about an hour prior to the meeting with a link to join us live via Zoom!