Helping Your Horse Release Emotional Traumas
Join Dr. Barbara Fox (holistic veterinarian) and Megan Gesell (founder of the Healing Barn Movement) to discuss "Helping Your Horse Release Emotional Traumas"

Horses experience various emotional traumas during their lifetimes, and it is beneficial for them to detach as many negative (or non-beneficial) emotions as possible.  

Many behavioral or personality issues can be associated with past physical or emotional traumas such as birthing, death of a beloved equine buddy, physical abuse from training, etc.  

The use of essential oils can help a horse "release" bad memories or emotions for increased physical and mental well-being.

What we'll cover:

  • What kinds of emotions horses experience during their lifetimes
  • How stressors such as weaning, birthing, training, and re-homing can affect a horse's behavior negatively
  • Essential oils that can trigger a positive response in the release of 'trapped' emotions 
  • How to use the oils during an emotional release session with your horse
Bring your questions - we'll have time for a great Q & A session!

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