Advanced Aromatherapy for Horses | March 3 & 4
Join Megan, Becky & Dr. Barb Fox IN PERSON!

Advanced Aromatherapy for Horses | Masterclass
- with certification as an "Equine Aromatherapy Specialist"!

March 3 & 4, 2023
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two day event
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This is a two-day event. Students will receive printed notes, a special essential oil roller bottle, and a unique crystal.

What the student will be instructed in:

1. Causes and symptoms of dysbiosis (which may manifest in colitis, laminitis, and colic) and how essential oils and essential oil-infused supplements aid with recovery.
2. Fundamental essential oil groups (phenols, sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes) - how
they work to cleanse, repair, and restore normal communication between cells so
the body can heal itself.
3. Detoxification techniques using essential oils - incorporating principles of
reflexology, acupressure, and massage to re-establish homeostasis (live demo)
4. Debunking myths / fallacies surrounding essential oils and horses along with a
discussion of how to introduce therapeutic-grade oils to your veterinarian
5. How inappropriate diets, chemical toxicities, and hormonal imbalances may
lead to undesirable behaviors / training issues and how essential oils can
positively affect demeanor and attitude.
6. Use of essential oils in common chronic equine health situations (tick-borne
diseases, equine metabolic syndrome, neoplasia, etc.)
7. How to facilitate an emotional release session in a horse using oils and crystals
(Live demo)
8. What makes a therapeutic-grade oil biologically active, and how the majority of
essential oils on the market are adulterated and marketed as “pure”, “organic”, and
“effective” when they may not be.
9. How to perform a combination physical and metaphysical evaluation on a horse
(Live interaction)
10. The importance of using essential oils and crystals to balance the energy centers
(chakras) of the body. (Live demo)

Your instructor:
Dr. Barb Fox, holistic veterinarian, speaker, and consultant

Contact Becky: 602-620-0247
3651 Doe Ranch Rd, Pearce, AZ 85625

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