Afternoon trail ride + bonfire

SATURDAY, sep 17

9am-4pm Workshop at cabin nearby followed by drinks & snacks

SUNDAY, sep 18 

9am-12pm Hands on practice using each others horses followed by a trail ride
What you'll gather from this in-depth masterclass:

  • How to use a dowsing tool, muscle testing, and your hands to pinpoint areas of the body that need help
  • How to choose your animal's food, supplements, essential oils, herbs, etc. using principles of dowsing
  • How to tap into your intuition to get answers surrounding your animal's health or emotions
  • The art and science of using crystals as a powerful healing tool
  • Using imagery to manifest what you want for you and your animals
  • Demo horses will be available for practicing techniques
NOTE: This is a 2.0 class for those who attended last year's Masterclass

What you will receive with your registration:

  • Dowsing tool
  • Gemstone / crystal
  • Special essential oil blend
  • Printed handouts
  • Individualized instruction for all attendees
  • Drinks & snacks following Saturday's session
  • Free 30-minute consultation with Dr. Barb (a $125.00 value)
  • Certificate of Achievement suitable for framing
Early Bird Pricing

$299 prior to Aug 1st
$350 Aug 1st-Sep 1st

Masterclass is capped at NINE attendees to allow time for more individualized instruction - get your ticket now to reserve a spot! 

Payment is required to hold your spot and is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.


19362 Glacier Road 
Clearbrook, MN 56634

You're welcome to bring your horse + LQ and camp here for free!

The Workshop is located about 30 minutes from the Bemidji, MN (BJI) airport. Rental cars & hotels are available there, too.

Fall 2021 Natural Animal Health Masterclass Attendees
Dr. Barbara Fox, DVM - Author, Speaker & Consultant at Beyond Tradition Animal Healing Center
Dr. Barb Fox, holistic veterinarian, has been in veterinary practice for the past 28 years.

Her journey into holistic medicine came about after Dr. Fox was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in 2007, for which she chose natural treatments and therapies in lieu of chemotherapy and radiation. Thrilled with the results in her health, Dr. Fox expanded her education into holistic veterinary medicine, attending as many workshops, conferences, and symposiums as she possibly could.

Today, Dr. Fox helps animal caretakers and pet parents across the country by consulting with them through telemedicine. Many pet parents seek natural therapies and products for their animals, but cannot find a local veterinarian who practices holistic medicine. Dr. Fox can work with people even from long distances to formulate a plan tailored directly to an animal's unique needs.

Dr. Fox has spoken at national conferences, including Young Living Essential Oils International Grand Convention, Young Living Animal & Essential Oils Conferences, the student chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association's national symposium, and numerous regional and local conferences. She also is a contributing author to several holistic veterinary journals and reference guides.

She is a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association, and the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association.

In her spare time, Dr. Fox enjoys rock hunting, hiking, and spending time in the mountains of Colorado. She and her husband Gary live on the family farm in northeast Iowa with their two horses and variety of kitties.
Host & Event Organizer
Megan Gesell - Owner & Founder, Healing Barn Movement
“Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn

We've been passionate about choosing natural health options for almost twenty years. We know that most disease is caused by what we put on or in our bodies and want to do better for us and our pets. Your body is good. It is very hard to get sick! If we get sick, it’s because MANY things have to happen as our bodies are designed amazingly well. When you give your body what it needs, it keeps you well. Your current state of health is greatly affected by your daily choices & thoughts.

We have created a healing home & barn for us, our cats and herd of horses & mules with life changing results. We are doing the best we can to take care of our bodies so we can still be riding horse when we’re older than dirt!

Together with our friends & family members, we've impacted hundreds of families by sharing our lifestyle with those we care about. It usually takes less than 10 minutes when having a conversation with someone to find a need we can help them with whether that is with their personal health, a family member, a beloved pet or by adding an additional income stream to their current equine business.

We’ve been able to combine our love of horses and natural health by joining with other like-minded horse owners & professionals. The relationships & experiences have been life changing as well as all of our overall health & wellness.

Megan and her husband, Scott, live in northern Minnesota with their 2 cats and herd of horses & mules. They spend the winter months with their horses in Southeastern Arizona.

Let's get in touch!



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