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The brands and products we use and trust. Safe. Effective. No harmful side effects to us or our animals!
Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils, natural home & barn care, infused supplements, food & beverage, personal care, clean makeup + more!
I'd heard about essential oils for years but never tried them until a friend I trusted and was very knowledgeable about natural health, reached out to me and recommended YL.

We started replacing products in our home & barn in 2014, with safe options from Young Living and I can't count the health benefits we've all had!

Such an easy way to reduce the toxic load on our bodies, create a HEALING home & barn and buy from a company passionate about making a difference in the world!

Our Purpose
We are farmers and families–creators, distillers, and dreamers who harness the power of nature's living energy to enrich humanity.
Our Vision
Essential oils in every home.
Our Mission
We are guided by nature's journey in our mission to empower wellness, purpose, and abundance for communities around the world.
Our Purpose
We are farmers and families–creators, distillers, and dreamers who harness the power of nature's living energy to enrich humanity.
Nature's Ultra Smart Spectrum CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Joint + Muscle Balm, Calm Roll-On
CBD is like essential oils on the market these days - most are tainted, poorly cultivated, and untested.

I waited until Young Living came out with a CBD line before we'd use it for us or our pets.

Due to changing laws, reach out to learn how we use these options for our horses. And cats. Or dogs if we had one!

Nature’s Ultra extracts pure CBD and combines it with the best essential oils in the marketplace to provide an exclusive Smart Spectrum formula that’s backed by Seed to Seal®!

Experience the power of plants when Young Living essential oils and Nature’s Ultra CBD combine.

Smart Spectrum CBD

  • Our CBD products are the only CBD products on the market formulated with Smart Spectrum CBD science.
  • Smart Spectrum blends the CBD isolate and the terpenes from essential oils to make a CBD product that is broader and more robust.
  • The terpenes found in essential oils can also increase the overall efficacy of the product.
Eternapure | Summit Animal Health
Live your best. Out-perform the rest.
Results-focused wellness and performance products, because results matter! 

Our products are formulated with superior, drug free, all-natural, active ingredients and innovative delivery systems to benefit:

  • Comfort
  • Mobility
  • Recovery
  • Peak athletic performance
Our partnership with Summit Animal Health ensures the same results you count on are available to your four- legged performance partners and family members! 

You love Eternapure. They’ll love Summit!

Govvi Fuel Boosting Tablets
The new mpg is here.
The secret to make fuel last longer and pay less at the gas pump!

  • Get More Miles Per Gallon
  • Boost Power and Performance
  • Reduce Emissions and Exhaust
Save money at ANY GAS STATION. 

We've tried gas saving apps but they were rarely in the areas where we were traveling. Plus, we have our routes planned out and like to stop at certain places when we're hauling.

Now we can fuel up ANYWHERE and save 10-20% per tank.

  • If you drive a diesel, you'll also save money on Def fluid!
  • Less maintenance costs on all vehicles.
I'd rather spend less money on gas or fuel and more money on MY HORSE! 

Scoot Boots
Scoot Boots are Built for Hard Riding

 Over the past 5 or so years we've transitioned all of our horses out of shoes. We love Scoot Boots for all terrain (mud, snow, ice, rocks, etc.)

Now that our horses are getting an 'authentic barefoot trim' vs a 'farrier pasture trim', their hooves are super strong and we rarely need to use the boots.

But, they are a handy option to have just in case. I hang a pair on my saddle so if I ever need them, I can slip them on in a couple minutes and be on the trail again.

Scoot Boots are designed by a farrier for the barefoot horse to allow free and natural movement across all terrain. 

Our boots are perfect for all riding disciplines and a dependable rehab and transition boot.

Open Toe and Side Vents
For drainage, ventilation and vital toe pressure relief.
Scoot Tread
For secure grip and great traction over all terrain.
Secure & Easy to put on
No cables or velcro. Precise fit to the hoof wall.
Flexible, Shock Absorbing Base
Provides comfort for joints and soles when on harsh terrain.
Lightweight & Low Profile
Sleek and light design ideal for competition.
Removable Straps
Fun colored options available to make your boots stand out.

Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral Organic
Free Choice Mineral Supplement for All Classes of Equine
In the Healing Barn Movement online course, we teach about having free choice minerals available for your horses vs adding them to feed so they can grab what their bodies need, when they need it!

We use & recommend 2 free feed minerals:

1) Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral™ Organic
2) Loose white iodized salt
Fortified and properly balanced source of Calcium and Phosphorus
Contains essential macro and micro (trace) minerals, plus added vitamin sources
Recommended if you are feeding alfalfa hay
Offer free choice to help maintain mineral balance with the ever-changing quality of hay, feedstuffs, or other forages

Note: Have white salt available at all times.

iTOVi Wellness Scanner
Discover Your Perfect Wellness Plan
Access the wellness industry’s leading technology for personalized product recommendations—oils, supplements, and more!

Our portable scanner allows you and your clients to receive personalized reports. How? The iTOVi scanner uses innovative and institutionally recognized technology to measure the changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin to stimuli. 

The scanner identifies these changes and ranks products in order by the strongest responses.

Simple to scan humans and our pets!