14 Days of Self Love

14 Days of Self Love

Are you running yourself ragged? Are you over-extending yourself? Are you setting aside time to recharge? Are you distancing yourself from the chaos? Are you finding a reason to smile? Are you giving yourself grace? Love starts inside, from within. You don’t always have to come last on your list of priorities. Join me for a special 14-day Self-Love series and find new ways to say “I love me!” 

A Daily Routine for Living Clean + 30 Day Challenge!


So you buy all these essential oils and new “clean” products, but how on earth do you make them a part of your everyday life? It’s all so new and foreign and you just don’t know where to start.
One of the most frequently asked questions I have encountered in this business is this - “How do I use this stuff in my everyday life? I feel lost.” 
You buy yourself some essential oils. You throw away some air fresheners and candles. You order several new-to-you supplements in hopes of making some positive changes in your lifestyle. THAT’S AMAZING! But - you just don’t know how to REALLY start incorporating all this into your life.


A New Year to Wellness


The New Year is a symbol of starting fresh. It's probably not surprising that the two most popular New Year's resolutions are "Staying fit and healthy" and "Losing Weight." It is also probably no surprise that most people don't feel they ever reach their New Year's goals or give up before they do. This often happens because they don't set a plan on HOW to actually do that. They think, "I want to lose 15 pounds," and so they get a gym membership and show up without a real plan in place. Or they say, "I want to 'get healthy' this year," but they don't really know HOW to do that.  

Learn simple tips on HOW to create healthy habits that are sustainable and will actually help you look and FEEL better.


7 Ways To Love On Your Brain

7 ways to love on your brain

Do you ever feel like your brain just needs a little more attention - physically and mentally? Our brain is the “control center” of our body. It controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and every process that regulates our body. I would say it definitely deserves some love! 
So what kind of things can we be doing to help in this department? Let’s take a look… 


Immune System 101 | The Body's Natural Defender

Immune system 101 | the body's natural defender

Stressed around the clock. Constantly getting sick. Tummy issues galore. Sluggish on the regular. All these could be strong indicators of an immune system in trouble. 

If the immune system is compromised it can’t function properly as your body’s natural defense against intruders. It needs to be well taken care of! Join me as we walk through the basics of how the immune system works, learn the signs of a weakened system, and discover 5 major ways you can support it. 
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